Due to COVID 19 we have not been able to get stock for Green tents and thus are not available for sale this year,they will be back in stock later this year. The smart chairs are still available.

Welcome to Smartent

 Smartent offers a completely new and unique camping experience. These camping tents can be pitched in just a few seconds, with just a few clicks into place; giving you more time to just relax. Or whether you have arrived late at the campsite after a long drive and facing problem with pitching your camping tent in the dark; with Smartent it is easy.You don’t even need to worry about messy guy ropes or trying to hammer bent pegs into rock hard ground.

So what’s “Off Ground Technology”?

Not only is Smartent easy to pitch it also comes with a built in off the ground camp bed. The legs of the bed sit on the floor while the rest of the tent is off the ground. We think it’s the perfect way to camp. No water leaking in at the bottom and no dirty groundsheet to pack away at the end of it all.

Mobile “Glamping”

“Glamping” or (glamorous camping). You turn up at a campsite and there’s a ready pitched tent with a comfy bed. According to the papers everybody’s doing it; everybody famous enough for it to be in the papers when they go camping that is.You see Glamping is a brilliant idea but it costs about as much as a night in a good hotel and as much as we love camping we’d probably take a night in a good hotel for the price.With the Smartent you don’t need to compromise, you get a camping tent that’s so easy to pitch. It may as well have already been done for you and you get a dry night in a comfy bed.
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